Coquis – a house hold name in the mens clothing industry since 1970…

We supply all the well known brands like Scozia, Polo, Jeep, etc. at very competitive prices. We also have our own in-house seamstress, who will adjust your new bought trousers or suits to custom fit as if the clothes were custom made for you, free of charge.

Do you need an evening suit for a special occasion? Why buy one if you are only going to use it once? You can rent an evening suit from from us at a fraction of the cost.

Need a suit for your matric farewell? Look no further. Our professional staff will advise and assist you to look like a million dollars on this special occasion.

We also provide corporate clothing, including custom made ties for companies and we believe in a long and lasting relationship with our clients.

Over fourty years, and many customers later, the House of Coqui’s men’s outfitters tradition of expert quality clothing continues. Today we make use of the internet, social media, electronic mail and mobile device communication to stay in touch with our customers and can respond immediately to their  individual requests.

Styles certainly change but our customers have remained fiercely loyal. This is the highest compliment we can hope to achieve. In this rapidly changing world, the fact that our customers stay with us year after year says everything.