What differentiates Coquis from the rest?

  • At Coquis we believe that every garment we create is not simply defined by the quality and craftsmanship that goes into it, but more importantly by the individual who wears it.
  • Your personal consultant assigned to you,
    will guide you through the selection process, providing detailed advice on fabric textures and accompanying colours.
  • We have an IN HOUSE SEAMSTRESS and can arrange for a fitting to make minor adjustments and ensure the perfect fit.

About Coquis

A house hold name in the men’s clothing industry since1970….

We supply all the well known brands like Scozia, Polo, Jeep, etc. at very competitive prices. We also have our own in house seamstress, who will adjust your new bought trousers or suits to custom fit as if the clothes were custom made for you, free of charge.

We also provide corporate clothing, including custom made ties for companies and we believe in a long and lasting relationship with our clients.



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What is smart-casual wear? Think of smart casual as put-together, but not over the top. A more flexible extension of business wear. Visit us at our Coquis stores so we can show you exactly what it ... See more

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This Monday morning, we're proud to say that even though styles often change, our customers have remained fiercely loyal. Thank you to all our loyal clients!

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A lesson learnt from dad… man's best friend, the tie! We stock a stunning range of awesome ties at Coquis Mens' Outfitters.

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You don't have to spend a fortune on clothes. All you need is a few mix and match items from Coquis to look and feel awesome this summer!

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